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Our IT Managed
Services & Maintenance

Our services
Managed IT Services
  • Proactive IT Monitoring
  • Proactive IT (networks, computers and servers) Maintenance
  • IT Infrastructure/Server/Network/Cloud Technical Support
  • End User Computer Tech Support
  • Managed Backup Solutions and Backup Monitoring
  • IT Change and Asset Management
  • IT Systems Advice
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance
  • Onsite Computer/ Server/ Infrastructure/ Technical Services
Our services
Ongoing IT Maintenance
  • Proactive IT maintenance keeps software at current release levels
  • IT maintenance can identify issues that may cause an outage before it happens
  • With the current pace of change of IT
  • IT maintenance allows your systems to perform as they are meant to
  • IT monitoring alerts us in realtime if a resource is approaching or exceeding reliable levels
  • IT Monitoring will alert us when a resource is unavailable
  • IT Monitoring will alert us if an imminent outage is detected so preventative action can be undertaken
Our services
Servers and Network Infrastructure
  • Backups
  • Systems Health Check
  • Network Audit
  • Disaster Recovery/ Documentation
  • Storage
  • SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Development
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Advanced Escalation Consulting
  • Network Cabling
Our services
Cloud Services
  • Discussion about the cloud and how it will help you.
  • Cloud suitability-assessment
  • Match your business requirements with these services.
  • Solutions designing.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Readiness assessment.
  • Migration planning.
  • Reconfigure end-user devices for new cloud usage.
  • Support services – Fixed fee/PAYG.
Our services
Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual servers in your office.
  • Virtual servers hosted in the Cloud.
  • Physical servers.
  • NAS devices.
  • Personal Computers.
  • Emails.